Transgenic rats expressing genetically engineered fluorescent calcium-sensor proteins



In the drug discovery workflow early prediction of selectivity and toxicity of the potential drug candidates requires the evaluation of both in vitro and in vivo effects. Among those, cellular calcium homeostasis and signaling are important factors to be examined, being key drug targets, as well as important side effect indicators. Although mouse models are already available for such purposes, in the laboratory rat, a preferred animal model for most physiology, pharmacology and toxicology studies, a stable transgenic model for calcium studies has not been available.


What we offer – the palette of transgenic rat lines:

Using the Sleeping Beauty transposon system we have generated stable transgenic rat lines expressing the genetically engineered fluorescent calcium-indicator proteins, GCaMP2 and GCaMP3, in a tissue specific manner. Homozygous rats containing two transgene copies at well-defined insertion sites and showing high level indicator expression were selected. We could show a normal karyotype and that GCaMP2 expression has no effect on tissue development.

TRANSRAT project


A TRANSRAT projekt száma: KMR_12-1-2012-0112


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